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soniccouture synthi: aks-kontakt-exs24-dvdr

soniccouture synthi: aks-kontakt-exs24-dvdr | 1. 04 gb

the e. M. S. Synthi aks is a legendary instrument with an illustrious history. First manufactured in 1972 by e. M. S in putney, south-west london, the synthi a was basically a portable version of ems's famous vcs3 synthesiser, and the ks keyboard (a playable 30-note touchplate) was added to make the synthi aks. It cost 420lb. It was quickly adopted by the likes of brian eno and pink floyd, and has been used by experimental musicians ever since. The synthi has a unique patching system that uses a small patchbay grid. Each of the synthi's components appear as a source and destination on the patchbay, and by placing a pin into that x-y position, you can route the signal from one component to the other. This was a very effective way to make a powerful modular system very compact.

the raw sound of ancient analogue synthesis
we love soft synths, and have been using them for years. \mac os x 10.5 leopard download\"" However, they just can't replicate the sheer exhilarating thrill of a bunch of 30 year old oscillators snarling through the most famous ring-modulator ever built! For this reason, we decided that the best of both worlds would be to build a sampled instrument that would give us the unmistakeable synthi sound, complete with adjustable convolution spring reverb, at our fingertips all the time - tuned, looped and stable. It can also be played polyphonically if you wish, which is certainly not something you could do with it in 1972!. Microsoft Office 2010 Pcheapest

organic, unstable and massive
synthi aks is a surprisingly versatile library, giving you horror klangs and snappy zaps, snarling ring-mod leads and basses, and fat, rubbery mellow textures ready to slot into your productions. You'll be astounded at the sheer size and sense of life in the sounds. With complete control over filters, envelopes as well as the spring reverb convolution impulse, you'll be able to tame the beast. Well, almost.

the synthi library
1gb 24-bit samples 25 multi-sampled wave instruments - 761 mb extensively sampled at 24 bit at various pitches across the range to best capture the natural response of the synthi. Ring mod patches aresampled on every note to ensure proper tracking. Each instrument has full envelope and filter control, and well as a spring reverb convolution send.

94 beat machine instruments (kontakt version) apple loops/ rex/ wav (exs24 version) - 133 mb
to capture the raw, unstable sound of the synthi we sequenced it using a cv-midi convertor. This really shows the unique analogue behaviour of this incredible unit as the loops push and tear at your speakers. The loops are divided into a mid-tempo set (acid loops), and a down tempo set. microsoft office 2013 professional plus buy There is also a set of oddities that didn't fit into either category.

27 hits and effects instruments - 143mb
this is the part of the library where the 'vintage sci-fi' sound is most evident. The synthi has been used extensively over the years to create spot effects for films and tv, and you will instantly recognise the unique character of the sound! Each instrument features a set of samples fully mapped with full synthesis control and reverb send.

spring reverb convolution
the sound of the synthi aks would not be the same without the grungey spring reverb. This is provided as a space designer preset for logic users, and is built into the kontakt2 instruments as a send effect. photoshop cs6


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italian grill

italian grill by mario batali, judith sutton
ecco | english | 2008-05-01 | isbn: 0061450979 | 256 pages | epub | 45 mb

from mario batali, superstar chef and author of molto italiano, comes the ultimate handbook on italian grilling, which will become an instant must-have cookbook for home grillers. Download mac os x snow leopard upgrade
easy to use and filled with simple recipes, mario batali's new grilling handbook takes the mystery out of making tasty, simple, smoky italian food. In addition to the eighty recipes and the sixty full-color photographs, italian grill includes helpful information on different heat-source options, grilling techniques, and essential equipment. As in molto italiano, batali's distinctive voice provides a historical and cultural perspective as well.

italian grill features appetizers; pizza and flatbreads; fish and shellfish; poultry; meat; and vegetables. The delicious recipes include fennel with sambuca and grapefruit; guinea hen breasts with rosemary and pesto; baby octopus with gigante beans and olive-orange vinaigrette; and rosticciana, italian-style ribs. Photoshop cheap

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