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noteabilitypro is a professional music notation package for the macintosh os x operating system. Developed by dr. Keith hamel at the university of british columbia, it is easily the most sophisticated music notation software available on any platform. Noteability combines both musical intelligence and graphical flexibility in a direct and intuitive graphical user interface. Notate anything from simple melodies to complex avant garde orchestral music, play the score on your midi synthesizer or using quicktime musical instruments and print a publishable copy of your score on any os x compatible printer.
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genre: action | biography | drama
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this historical martial arts film adapted from the story of guan yu crossing five passes and slaying six generals in luo guanzhong s historical novel romance of the three kingdoms. In ad two hundred during the late eastern han dynasty, cao cao eliminates his political opponents dong cheng and others, before turning his attention towards rival warlords liu bei and yuan shao. To avoid fighting a war on two fronts, cao cao decides to attack liu bei first. Liu bei flees north to join yuan shao, while his family is captured by the enemy. Liu bei s sworn brother guan yu (donnie yen), surrenders to cao cao to uphold his oath of brotherhood and preserve his honor. Cao cao knows he s a great warrior & hopes that guan yu will continue serving him. Meanwhile, guan yu is secretly in love with his sworn brother s concubine qilan, but is afraid to express his ff4 feelings to her. Qilan reproaches guan yu for serving cao cao...


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